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Windows 7, revisited

Well, I’ll tell you the truth. My opinion changed completely. Windows 7 is a great OS. I recently received my fixed laptop (old saying: Blacksmith’s house, wooden spoon) and I decided to give Window 7 another go. Why not? So the saga continues.


Oddly enough, this time around, no need for the sata drivers. Everything was done in less than 10 minutes. Just like Vista and XP! Thou be careful 64 bit fans! There is great support for your devices, but there will be some devices that will need Vista 64 drivers. Or no support at all! (read my earlier post on RTM). And there is a great little app that will check your processor to see if it can handle 64 bits, it’s called SecurAble. Follow the link, if you want to know.

First Login 

Like I stated above, there could be some devices that will probably need you to download their respective drivers. On my case, all the devices were accounted for. On my work laptop, only the ACPI energy level driver was needed. (So, if you have a Lenovo Ideapad,  you’ll need to use the Vista 64 drivers, else your battery consumption will be cut short). The system readjusted the resolution to the maximum setting, so I didn’t even had to go there. Sound came online without a hitch. So, the only thing that took time was looking for 64 native apps. As an afterthought, if you can, get TeraCopy, it’s a great little 64 bit tool that speeds up copying files from devices to devices. I can vouch for it.


Windows 7 is not the Holy Grail of OS, far from it. But it is pretty stable. Hasn’t crashed or BSOD on me yet! And it is aesthetically pleasing (pretty for us common word users). And don’t forget speed. It is a very fast loading, great response giving little OS that could. Like the TV ads say: “it was my idea!”. A much better improvement over Vista.

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I’m still discovering some new things with my toys. Example in case, I installed Windows 7 on my HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), which I’ll blog later about it, and when I was configuring my PS3 controller via bluetooth, I noticed that my Iphone discovered my HTPC. Interesting!

Once I did the pairing, I noticed that the Iphone thought my HTPC was a headphone. Finding it odd, yet predictable (I know…I know) I went to my sound setting. True enough, my HTPC saw my Iphone as a headset (redundant, are we?). But curiosity got the better of me. I went to check the microphone section. True enough, a bluetooth microphone. Still, my tech senses were tingling, so I checked the properties. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could redirect the microphone sound thru my default sound device. My first thought was denial. But in the pursuit of the truth, I tested it. And sweet sounds coming from my Iphone came thru. And in good quality too!

I wanted to say great quality, but sometimes, and I mean twice in 30 minutes, you could hear gaps in the communication. Still, a clearer sound than normal (my sound system is pretty good) and best of all, no wires! No having to connect it to the computer and pray that the shuffle do a good job; you don’t like that song? Skip it!

Purist will debate that you should have all your music on your HTPC. True. But think about it. You have guests over. Or a party. People don’t like a particular song. Or are looking for a specific song. Your machine is not close, or you don’t want people to try and mess with the machine while searching. You just use your Iphone as a makeshift remote. And remember, you can lock the Iphone and still use the Ipod function.

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An interesting thing happened to me today. I added a field to a fact table that I had. As normal, I did the change in my data source view as procedure dictates, and create the new measure on my cube. Everything looked fine and dandy until I tried to deploy the cube. Right off the bat, this error came up: “OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Invalid column name ‘<ColumnName>’.; 42S22″. Huh? What happened? I double checked the DSV and the cube (thou not entirely as we’ll see further down) and everything looked ok. Re-deploy, re-discover same error.

A Google browse and an hour later, I read on www.sqlservercentral.com forums that it could be the partitions. And then the proverbial lightbulb turned on in my head. I forgot to recheck the partitions, to include the field in the select statements for the fact table. Lesson learned? If you use partitions, always check them when you add a field to your fact table.

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Almost a month ago, I bought from Ebay my very own Mac-Mini (used of course), to try and develop iPhone applications. After some trouble with my seller, I should be receiving my darling in a couple of weeks.

I can tell you this right off the bat, the Development License is not that bad…I mean for $99 bucks, I’ll join in. The problem (for most of us in PR) is that Puerto Rico is not considered to be a valid Store country. Meaning, forget about joining the development team online…you have to do it by fax. Yes, fax.

 Stay tuned for all the problems and mischief I’ll be getting into to try and create my first app of iPhone!

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For all you folks here in Puerto Rico, PRPASS is having an event this week (November 5th) where they’ll be discussing SharePoint (The Business Tool for Business People) , which will be a level 100 (Introdutory) chat  into the wonderful world of Sharepoint. Also, they’ll be discussing SQL CLR Basics, which will be a level 200 (Intermediate) chat lead by my good friend and my first mentor, Carlos Bercero from Nagnoi.  If you are interested, just follow the link after this to join in; hope to see you there!


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