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While working for a retail chain client, I came upon using Excel Services for their intranet. They already had Reporting services reports, but wanted the freedom of creating pivotables in Excel and uploading them into their site. Their information came from cubes in Analysis Services.  So Kerberos is the sure-fire way to alleviate the “double hop” security problem.

Using these superb articles from Martin Kearn, an MCS Consultant based in the UK and of course, good old MSDN, I was able to setup Kerberos for Excel Calculations and for Reporting Services for Databases and Cubes. Knowing very little in Kerberos, I read and gave it the old college try on a testing environment. Two days later, success! So the idea now was to implement it in production, hence the checklist. It’s not an ultimate checklist, but it will help you keep in “check” all steps to ensure a successful implementation.

The checklist is here.

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