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I’m still discovering some new things with my toys. Example in case, I installed Windows 7 on my HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), which I’ll blog later about it, and when I was configuring my PS3 controller via bluetooth, I noticed that my Iphone discovered my HTPC. Interesting!

Once I did the pairing, I noticed that the Iphone thought my HTPC was a headphone. Finding it odd, yet predictable (I know…I know) I went to my sound setting. True enough, my HTPC saw my Iphone as a headset (redundant, are we?). But curiosity got the better of me. I went to check the microphone section. True enough, a bluetooth microphone. Still, my tech senses were tingling, so I checked the properties. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could redirect the microphone sound thru my default sound device. My first thought was denial. But in the pursuit of the truth, I tested it. And sweet sounds coming from my Iphone came thru. And in good quality too!

I wanted to say great quality, but sometimes, and I mean twice in 30 minutes, you could hear gaps in the communication. Still, a clearer sound than normal (my sound system is pretty good) and best of all, no wires! No having to connect it to the computer and pray that the shuffle do a good job; you don’t like that song? Skip it!

Purist will debate that you should have all your music on your HTPC. True. But think about it. You have guests over. Or a party. People don’t like a particular song. Or are looking for a specific song. Your machine is not close, or you don’t want people to try and mess with the machine while searching. You just use your Iphone as a makeshift remote. And remember, you can lock the Iphone and still use the Ipod function.

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Almost a month ago, I bought from Ebay my very own Mac-Mini (used of course), to try and develop iPhone applications. After some trouble with my seller, I should be receiving my darling in a couple of weeks.

I can tell you this right off the bat, the Development License is not that bad…I mean for $99 bucks, I’ll join in. The problem (for most of us in PR) is that Puerto Rico is not considered to be a valid Store country. Meaning, forget about joining the development team online…you have to do it by fax. Yes, fax.

 Stay tuned for all the problems and mischief I’ll be getting into to try and create my first app of iPhone!

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