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I’m still discovering some new things with my toys. Example in case, I installed Windows 7 on my HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), which I’ll blog later about it, and when I was configuring my PS3 controller via bluetooth, I noticed that my Iphone discovered my HTPC. Interesting!

Once I did the pairing, I noticed that the Iphone thought my HTPC was a headphone. Finding it odd, yet predictable (I know…I know) I went to my sound setting. True enough, my HTPC saw my Iphone as a headset (redundant, are we?). But curiosity got the better of me. I went to check the microphone section. True enough, a bluetooth microphone. Still, my tech senses were tingling, so I checked the properties. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could redirect the microphone sound thru my default sound device. My first thought was denial. But in the pursuit of the truth, I tested it. And sweet sounds coming from my Iphone came thru. And in good quality too!

I wanted to say great quality, but sometimes, and I mean twice in 30 minutes, you could hear gaps in the communication. Still, a clearer sound than normal (my sound system is pretty good) and best of all, no wires! No having to connect it to the computer and pray that the shuffle do a good job; you don’t like that song? Skip it!

Purist will debate that you should have all your music on your HTPC. True. But think about it. You have guests over. Or a party. People don’t like a particular song. Or are looking for a specific song. Your machine is not close, or you don’t want people to try and mess with the machine while searching. You just use your Iphone as a makeshift remote. And remember, you can lock the Iphone and still use the Ipod function.

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