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If you’re in PR, I will be giving a presentation on “Getting Started with SQL Azure” on October 7. It will cover the basics (kind of like a sales rep) but the demo is going to wet your appetite! To find out more or to register for it , go to PRPASS.ORG (warning, it’s in Spanish). Later on, I’ll post the ppt for you viewing pleasure! (for my english speaking crowd, there is a excellent ppt by Lynn Langit, which covers SQL Azure more in depth)

UPDATE (Oct 6, 2010): As promised, my “Empezando con SQL Azure” (Spanish only).

UPDATE 2 (Oct 6, 2010): For those of you who went to the presentation, I promised to answer if Full Text Search was supported; quick answer, no. Also, to answer my friend Bercero’s question, Load Balancing is guaranteed, so the response time is really based on your connection, the optimization of the query and optimization of the db.

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