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Windows 7, revisited

Well, I’ll tell you the truth. My opinion changed completely. Windows 7 is a great OS. I recently received my fixed laptop (old saying: Blacksmith’s house, wooden spoon) and I decided to give Window 7 another go. Why not? So the saga continues.


Oddly enough, this time around, no need for the sata drivers. Everything was done in less than 10 minutes. Just like Vista and XP! Thou be careful 64 bit fans! There is great support for your devices, but there will be some devices that will need Vista 64 drivers. Or no support at all! (read my earlier post on RTM). And there is a great little app that will check your processor to see if it can handle 64 bits, it’s called SecurAble. Follow the link, if you want to know.

First Login 

Like I stated above, there could be some devices that will probably need you to download their respective drivers. On my case, all the devices were accounted for. On my work laptop, only the ACPI energy level driver was needed. (So, if you have a Lenovo Ideapad,  you’ll need to use the Vista 64 drivers, else your battery consumption will be cut short). The system readjusted the resolution to the maximum setting, so I didn’t even had to go there. Sound came online without a hitch. So, the only thing that took time was looking for 64 native apps. As an afterthought, if you can, get TeraCopy, it’s a great little 64 bit tool that speeds up copying files from devices to devices. I can vouch for it.


Windows 7 is not the Holy Grail of OS, far from it. But it is pretty stable. Hasn’t crashed or BSOD on me yet! And it is aesthetically pleasing (pretty for us common word users). And don’t forget speed. It is a very fast loading, great response giving little OS that could. Like the TV ads say: “it was my idea!”. A much better improvement over Vista.

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